Evelyn - Golden Days

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Evelyn - Golden Days

Длительность: 05:13
Добавлено: 2016-11-08
Загрузок: 559
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Listen up now
It feels like im being chased by anticipation Insanity has brought me to my knees again Im in such a bad condition
They say weve got a lot to prove
But who are you to judge us?
Cause you dont have a clue what it takes When were lying on our deathbed
we wanna feel like we made the best of
Is the way i want it
Ive got everything that i ever wished for
Everything, everything
We make our own rules from here on out
Dont waste your words on the art we create If you dont like it keep your mouth shut Point your finger to the wall
Truth be told, nobdy cares at all
Nobody care at all
For six long years weve been through disputes and doubtful moments Still nothing got on our last nerve and thats why our melodies still cling
Put your heart in your conviction
When i sing this empathy serenade for you
These are our Golden Days no matter what they say
Ive got Everything
Is the way i want it
Ive got Everything that i ever wished for
(that i every wished for) Everything
That i ever wished for

Клип 05. Golden Days - evelyn

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